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Past Events


An editor dinner and 40-person influencer event for the launch of KP Body Scrub. 


The vegetarian menu showcased the ingredients found in the product; lacto-fermented foods to represent the licorice root extract and cultured sunflower yogurt to represent sunflower seed oil.

Cocktails were created in collaboration with Arley Marks and Ghia.


A 150-person holiday event for Airbnb inspired by downtown-chic loft parties.


Guests celebrated the season in a highly curated environment replete with bespoke cocktails, fanciful food installations, while attendants whizzed by offering passed savory and sweet treats.


The Spanish-inspired menu highlights include a hand-carved leg of Jamón Ibérico, Wellfleet Oysters, Chilled Saffron Mussels, and Feisal’s signature “Barbie” Pickles. 

Jeremiah Brent

An intimate gathering of friends and press in the home of Jeremiah Brent and his husband Nate Berkus to celebrate the launch of Jeremiah's first book, The Space That Keeps You. 

Thoughtful, intriguing bites and an array of cheeses displayed on antique silver on a candlelit dark marble table shared space with some of Jeremiah's favorite artifacts, family photographs and pieces of Asian pear and clementines. 

Honduran Dinner

The fourth installation of a collaborative meal series hosted by Feisal and friends. 


The menu was inspired by Feisal’s childhood in Honduras. Highlights include Honduran Ceviche, Yuca, Red Silk Beans, Honduran Enchiladas, and Ayote en Miel. 


A private weekend of foraging and lakeside open-fire cooking in the Adirondacks.


Menu highlights include Charred Cabbage with Venison and Duck, Pickled Huckleberries, Clams steamed under balsam fir, and Tian Provençal.

Honduran Backyard BBQ

The third installation of a collaborative meal series hosted by Feisal and friends. 


The menu was inspired by Feisal’s childhood in Honduras. Highlights include Encurtido, a Honduran-style hot pickle, made with hakurei turnips, white jalapeño and beets along with a riff on the Honduran Plato Típico that included charcoal-grilled wagyu steak and vegetables, yellow rice, avocado and a crumbly hard cheese called queso duro.


This event and an interview with Feisal was covered by T Magazine.


An intimate 30-person event at the home of Aplós founder Emily Onkey.


The menu highlights include Roasted Honey Nut Squash with Salsa Verde, Portuguese Tomato Rice, Blistered Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, and Charcoal-Grilled Prawns. 


Aplós cocktails were created in collaboration with Arley Marks. 


An in-store activation to introduce Loewe’s FW23 Squeeze Bag.


The vegan menu played with the supple textures, golden donut chain, and color palette of the Squeeze bag, as well as the eponymous fashion label’s Spanish heritage. Rich, buttery, and luxurious ingredients throughout, these bite-sized delicacies offer quick and easy enjoyment.

Public Records

Two pop-up vegan dinner events at Public Records. The first installation of the series focused on the Arab and Spanish influence in Honduran cuisine while the second was inspired by dishes from the Aegean coast of Turkey. 


Crowd favorites were Yuca with Cabbage Slaw, Charcoal-Grilled Summer Squash Tacos, Kısır, and Köfte-Spiced Vegetable Kebabs. 


A 75-person interactive installation for Climate Week in a private garden in the West Village.


Menu highlights include garlands of locally sourced farm vegetables hanging from branches such as Charred Fioretto Cauliflower with Yogurt and Nigella seed, scattered steel oval platters of canapés such as Magic Mountain Potato with Aioli and Opal Basil, Charred Shishito Peppers with Lemon and Fennel Pollen, and Cantaloupe with Lemon and Sumac.


A 30-person event for the launch of two new Assouline titles Saudi Dates: A Portrait of The Secret Food, and Saudi Coffee: The Culture of Hospitality


The menu was inspired by a traditional Bedouin breakfast and presented as an interactive installation. Highlights include a Saudi Coffee Affogato with ice cream by Bad Habit, nine varieties of dates flown in from Saudi Arabia, Saudi Shakshuka and Ful Medames. 

Private Birthday Dinner

A 60-person birthday party in a private courtyard in the East Village.


Menu highlights include Chilled Saffron Mussels, Chilled Cucumber and Watercress Vichyssoise, Maine Lobster on Brioche Soldiers, and English Pea, Fava, and Ricotta Cappelletti.

Private Birthday Party

An 80-person birthday party in an industrial midtown space. 


Menu highlights include Crudités, Cacio e Pepe Lasagna, and Baked Potato with Crème Fraîche and Golden Ossetra Caviar. 

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